Taking care of your body while working from home

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Perhaps one of the reasons you decided to quit the corporate jungle was to escape a toxic work environment. The stressful job, the grueling hours, the demanding bosses – these probably took a toll on you. Yet months later, even if you already work from home or from an exotic travel destination, you are still frazzled to find yourself in the same predicament.

Remote working can sometimes feel like a bane to beginners. Especially if your clients follow a different time zone, you may find yourself working weird and long hours, more than the typical 8-5 desk  job. While it may be stressful from time to time though, it’s not the one to blame for all your health problems. And the good news is, for every dilemma you might encounter on the job, there’s always a way to work things out.

Is sleep becoming a rare treat?

One of the great things about remote working is that you get to work with people across the globe. With the power of the internet, you gain exposure to different work ethics and practices in your chosen industry. Unfortunately, this can sometimes upset your sleeping habits.

A shifting work schedule can negatively impact your body’s resting cycle. The effects of an irregular shift can be likened to the effects of jet lag. Especially if you work at night, you may gain a risk in heart and digestive problems. Overwork and fatigue can also make focusing difficult and may cause bouts of insomnia.


To counter problems with sleeping, do work shifts gradually. If you can choose your schedule, adjust your routine over a few days to give your body enough time to adjust. Don’t rely too much on caffeine, as this can keep you awake even when it’s already time to rest. Try some apps like Sleep Cycle or Sleepio to track your sleeping habits and reduce cases of insomnia.

If you work at night, surround yourself with bright lights to prevent yourself from getting drowsy. Likewise, if you sleep in the daytime, sleep in the dark as a cue to your body to slow down and rest. Blackout curtains such as this from The Curtain Expert block out sun and sound from outdoors. These fool your body into thinking its nighttime, even when it’s not.

Lastly, if you are so busy you barely see your bed, take frequent naps during your breaks at work. A few power naps have positive effects on your energy, even if they’re shorter than what you would have liked. Just make sure you don’t sleep with the work timer turned on.

When overwork translates to overweight

Another effect of remote working on ourselves is weight changes. Some people lose several pounds of weight when they start doing remote work, while others gain weight over time. While irregular sleep can indirectly cause these weight changes, an unhealthy diet is mainly the culprit behind these incidents. Surviving on fast food and junk food is no way of life, especially for someone who works weird hours.


To take control of your weight, take control of the food you eat. As the guys at nerdfitness.com say, diet is still the most important thing. Whatever your working hours may be, your food choices primarily affect your health. Try these meal plans specifically designed for night shift workers.

Even if you have a rigorous schedule, make time to cook and prepare meals. If you’re really restricted when it comes to time, prepare ahead on your day-offs or slow working days. Buy the food, cook it, and preserve it to last you through your work week. Meals like those suggested by iowa girl eats definitely make a difference in your physique.

As difficult your job may be, you can always make time to eat well if you make it a priority. If you regret lost hours of work due to food preparation, think of it as time spent investing on your health. The healthier your body is, the more work you can get done.

Becoming a caffeine zombie

Caffeine may seem like the easy way out of restless nights and pressing deadlines. Yet it only presents a temporary solution and can have negative effects over time.

Heavily-caffeinated drinks, such as energy drinks and sodas, usually contain large doses of sugar. Sweeteners give us temporary energy boosts, but they drain us more of energy after a while.


If you really need a boost of energy, seek caffeine in low-sugar sources such as green tea, black coffee and some fruits. Switch those café- drinks with homemade fruit shakes. Diet plans such as this suggested by Christine Ardigo, an American dietician, can easily be prepared at home on a budget. Even drinking the required 8 glasses of water every day can improve your focus and brain function. Keep track of your hydration needs with a few simple changes in your life.

Exercise also provides a natural boost on your energy levels. If you work difficult shifts, work out right after waking up. This helps your body relax as well and prepare for a new day at work.

Getting fixed to your chair

Lastly, working long hours on your butt can take its toll on your posture and joints. Even if you exercise your mental cells at work, you can’t neglect your physical ones. A few changes at work can make differences for the better.

To reduce back aches and encourage good blood circulation, try investing in an adjustable table and a comfortable office chair. The former would allow you to work standing up for a few hours every day, burning more calories than you would sitting. The latter, meanwhile, keeps your spine in check and prevents you from becoming a hunchback for life. You can buy these items easily online at Overstock.com at bargain prices.

Make time to stretch out every hour at work and walk a bit once in a while. Engage in active sports during your day-offs to keep your body in shape. Even simple habits such as exercising for thirty minutes a day can produce improvements in your overall well-being.

Overall, remote working is really not as easy as it sounds. Despite the challenges you might face, however, there is always a way to make it work without sacrificing your well-being. Remember that besides equipment and work space, your body is also something that you should take care of to ensure good work. Any type of job can benefit from a happy, healthy and fit worker. When you are your own boss, you have the greater capacity to make changes in your lifestyle to keep yourself in good physical shape. With good diet and exercise, you’ll turn out to be the best version of yourself. That kind of well-being would help you shine at work, besides developing six-pack abs and a beach-ready physique ;).

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Do you have any tips for keeping your body healthy while working from home? Share them in the comments.

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