The Best Cloud Backup Services for Remote Workers

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Choosing the right Cloud Backup Service as a Remote Worker

I don’t usually start with something so personal, but a couple of years ago my father in-law nearly lost his business due to a flood. This would be understandable to most people if his business was next to a river and his product physical, like timber or carrots. However, he’s an accountant, and the flood was a burst pipe from the apartment above.

It was just unfortunate that both his laptop and PC were badly damaged from the water. Even though it was clean water, the brown stuff still hit the fan. To cut a long story short, he lost a couple of his big, time-sensitive contracts all because the files that he needed were unrecoverable.

you never know what’s going to happen…

Cloud Backup Services to the Rescue

Ever since then, I’ve been vigilant to keep a cloud backup of all my important files (I personally went with Backblaze because of its simplicity). The thing is, it’s actually quite easy to do and not at all expensive. Just don’t confuse your cloud syncing services like Google Drive, OneDrive or DropBox with a Cloud Backup service as they are designed with different uses in mind.

Cloud backup services for remote workers are a God send! Ok, not “technically” sent by God, but close enough. The big advantage over traditional backup hardware is that as your important data is stored in a professional data centre, it’s safe from fire, theft or a burst water pipe!

And if you’re on the road, there is always an increased risk of theft, loss or an airline that gets creative with your luggage. If you don’t have a backup plan, that can cause big problems. Saving the files to a local external hard drive and to the cloud really takes the worry out of it. No matter what happens, you can get back to working pretty quickly.

Recommended Cloud Backup Services for Remote Workers

Here, we’ve compiled our best cloud backup services for remote workers. They all offer slightly different options, so you can find one just right for you

  1. IDrive
  2. Backblaze
  3. Spideroak
  4. SOS Online Backup
  5. Carbonite

1. IDrive

IDrive is hugely popular and you can see why pretty quickly. It has a web-based console that allows you access quickly from any device. Sorry, correction; your 1981 Atari won’t work, but all modern devices connected to the internet are good to go.


You can backup multiple devices including PCs, Android and Apple gadgets all to a single account and there is a continuous backup running, which means as files are changed, it gets updated practically in real-time. They have a free option for up to 5GB to test the service and offer well-priced yearly plans, often with a discount on the first year.

One of the big features that I like about IDrive is that should disaster strike, then they will send you a physical version of your backup within a week of you requesting it. Not only will this save you bandwidth, you get to imagine, for a moment, that someone has sent you a wonderful gift! Okay, is that just me then?

2. Backblaze

We all want to make our lives easier and worry less. The King of cloud backups, Backblaze is huge because of its simplicity. Simple pricing structure and simple software. Simple, simple, simple. Try Backblaze for free here.


If you’re looking to back up just one machine (+ external hdds), then this is probably for you, as their pricing is per computer. There are absolutely no limits on the amount of data that is backed up or on the bandwidth, so big ticks in my imaginary book. This makes it a great choice as a cloud backup service for videographers and other professionals who have a lot of data to back up.

On the initial installation, all your files are backed up, and then files are updated thereafter. Backblaze usually keeps all versions for 30 days, so you can retrieve an earlier version quickly and easily. That also means you have to connect any external drive you want to be protected at least once in that timeframe. There is a paid option to extend this data retention period to 12 months.

Furthermore, they can send you a hardcopy version and will refund you if you return the drive within a month. Refund is my second favorite word, behind residual-earnings.

3. SpiderOak

SpiderOak have looked at their competition and decided that they’re going to make security and customer service their big features. A pretty good choice in my opinion.


They have a No Knowledge encryption, which sounds good, but I have No Knowledge of what they’re talking about, which is the point I suppose (It means they can’t see what you have saved on their servers). They’ve developed a system where attackers can’t find an open door, so your data is secure and stays secure.

SpiderOak has made it easy for us remote workers who might not have used a backup service before, with tutorials, FAQ sections and direct contact to on-board if necessary. Even my grandma could use this service, if only she had a computer not from 1992.

Spideroak a range of options and pricing to choose from, with plans starting at 6$/month for 150GB.

4. SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is a multi-award winner from PC Mag to the Wall Street Journal to the New York Times to name but a few. Meryl Streep wishes she won this many prizes.


Their home package includes up to 5 PCs and Macs and an unlimited number of mobile phones which is very good as a backup cloud service for remote worker’s solution. Their business plan allows for unlimited PCs and better customer service.

The real bonus of SOS Online Backup is that they never delete files. This means that every version that you saved is available to you when you need it. I sometimes think my wife came with this feature, because she remembers every time I’ve said a bad word about her cooking and it’s available to her when she needs it too.

SOS is a good pick if you have multiple devices to back up and need unlimited retention of your backed up files.

5. Carbonite

Carbonite are known for being safe, reliable and easy to use and they take all three very seriously. This explains why they have more than a million customers and growing.


They allow for an unlimited amount of data to be backed up from a single computer, multiple computers and even servers at various pricing. They also take care of mobile phones and unbelievably, support Blackberry, for those of us not happy to move on from 2004.


Ironically, halfway through writing this article, my computer decided to test my patience, shutdown and then gave me the “blue screen of death”. I laughed at my stupid computer and continued writing on my IPad. All because it was being backed up while I wrote. Is doing a “nan-nan nanna” to a computer too childish? It is, but I did it anyway.

I recommend going with IDrive or Backblaze.

IDrive is the better choice if you don’t need unlimited backup size (5TB is more than enough for most people) and have multiple devices you want to back up. Backblaze is the better choice if you have a lot of files and want to back up your work computer + external hard drives.

IDrive Remote Backup

So there you go. Do yourself a favor and setup your cloud backup service now. It will go a long way in making your life easier. No more fear of ransom-ware attacks or computer malfunctions, as you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your data is elsewhere, in a cloud, with a rainbow.

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