How to become a SafetyWing affiliate in 2023

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How to be successful as an affiliate for SafetyWing in 2023

Affiliate marketing is one of the numerous ways to make money online. Aside from making money, you also create an impact by referring valuable products to your audience. If your goal is to help people discover life-changing services while making a handsome profit, then you should be a SafetyWing affiliate

SafetyWing is an innovative insurance service company creating a global social safety net for digital nomads and remote workers like you. Being their ambassador means supporting remote worker welfare and making social impact. 

Guess what? It’s not just about the impact; their ambassador program is profitable and organized without hidden tricks. 

Do you want to learn how to start making money and impact with the SafetyWing ambassador program? Let me show you how to get started.

Before we dive right in, let’s briefly discuss affiliate marketing to be sure we are on the same page. 

What is affiliate marketing? 

How to become a SafetyWing affiliate2

Affiliate marketing is one of the numerous marketing schemes used by companies to reach their target audience. The company that owns the product recruits you as a third-party marketer to promote its products and services. 

As an affiliate, for every customer you convert, you will be rewarded with a fixed commission which depends on the company’s affiliate commission scheme. 

There are numerous ways you can advertise the product/ services to convert customers. You can use your existing social media pages or blog if the company’s prospective customers primarily dominate your audience. You can also utilize paid media like Google and Facebook ads. You can rely on marketing materials provided by the company or create yours. 

Getting started with the SafetyWing affiliate program 

SafetyWing wing is an insurance company designed to serve digital nomads,  online freelancers,  remote workers, and companies. Their goal is to create a global social safety net for location-independent people. Their mission is to eliminate geographical borders as a barrier to equal access to social security. 

 Their products include;

Your task as a SafetyWing affiliate also referred to as a SafetyWing ambassador, is to take your time to understand their services and refer their insurance products to prospective customers. You earn a commission for every customer who purchases their insurance policy through your referral. 

Is the SafetyWing affiliate program good? 

The SafetyWing ambassador program is a distinct scheme offering you a lifetime opportunity to create impact and generate income. 

The following are some points that distinguish the SafetyWing affiliate program: 

High brand popularity  

It is easy for you to sell their products. With increasing numbers of remote workers and digital nomads, travel and health insurance are in high demand. Currently, they have 100,000 subscribers in over 180 countries. 

They are highly present on social media, with over 1M followers across all social media platforms. They also have numerous positive reviews on the Trust pilot and Product Hunt.

Their product popularity and great demands will make it easier for you to refer many customers and get profit. 

Handsome  commission 

For every product purchased through your ambassador link, you will earn 10% of the value of the product purchased. You can make up to $180 per user on some of our products annually. Aside from the commission, they also have an ambassador award program where you can make more money for your achievement as an ambassador. 

High-quality marketing materials 

They make everything easy for you. They have various top-notch creative materials like videos, images, infographics and written content that you can use to promote our products. They also have clear guidelines on the best ways to make promotions.

One-year affiliate cookie duration 

Cookies are small files stored in the user’s computer to identify websites visited. In affiliate marketing, referrals will be tracked by these cookies. These Cookies do have expiry dates. 

Cookie lifespan determines how long the prospective customers that click through your affiliate link can fetch you profit. That is the period within which a prospect who clicks your link can purchase for you to receive a commission.  If the Cookies expire within three months, that means if the prospect that clicked through your link didn’t purchase within three months, you can’t earn a commission. 

SafetyWing ambassador gives you a vast opportunity to make a profit. When prospects click your affiliate link, it will be stored on their computer for one year. 

As such, even if the prospects you referred did not sign up immediately, anytime they sign up, the local storage will remember they entered the website for the first time through your affiliate link. Your ambassador ID will be stored in their database. 

Once saved, you will continue to earn your commission even if it’s over one year or the users change their device. They have a dedicated dashboard where you can track all signups and purchases through your ambassador ID. 


They have a transparent affiliate policy that clearly states the terms and conditions of the program. They have a contract available for signup at the beginning of the program. It forms the basis of your relationship and clearly states your rights and duties as an ambassador. It also guarantees the payment of your earnings.

As such, from the start, you will have access to all relevant information about how your commission is calculated, how you will receive it and all other guidelines. They also have a supportive team always available to make clarifications. 

They have a user-friendly dashboard where you can track your earnings. It displays the number of people you have referred, your click rates and commission progression.

How to get started as an affiliate for SafetyWing 

The following is a step-by-step guide to joining the ambassador program:

  • Register on the SafetyWing website. You don’t have to make a purchase -just sign up.
  • Fill out the ambassador form and provide all necessary information. You will also sign the contractual affiliate agreement. 
  • Tada! Your application has been received. Their team will review it and get back to you in less than seven working days.
  • Once you are accepted, you will have access to all necessary onboarding materials. You will access your personalized dashboard, referral link and creative materials. 
  • You can join their Facebook partner group, where you get the necessary tips and ask questions. They also have a dedicated FAQ page that will take you through the onboarding process.
How to become a SafetyWing affiliate1

How to make money with the SafetyWing affiliate program 

There are two ways through which you can make a profit from the SafetyWing ambassador program:

Commission from referral 

For every converted referral, you will earn an ambassador fee for the first 364 days of their signup. Also, if the person you refer to repeatedly subscribes to cover different products or trips, you will earn a monthly fee for such a customer. 

Within one year, you will earn 10 % of the value of all the products purchased by each person you refer. 

Ambassador award

This is another way to earn money through their ambassador bonuses. You can be the month’s rookie and win a $250 bonus or be the ambassador of the month and win a $500 prize.  

Rookie of the month is the ambassador who joined the program no longer than six months and got the largest increase in first-time sales within the last month and the previous month.

Ambassador of the month goes to the most active ambassador in the last two months with the most significant growth in sales in the last month compared to the previous month.

How much can you earn with the SafetyWing ambassador program? 


There is no cap on how much you can earn. Especially because you earn recurring income, it is a fantastic program. What is even better, you can earn up to $11,000 annually in bonuses

They currently have two products; Nomad insurance and remote health. On average, for each referred user with a year-long contract with Nomad Insurance,  you can earn $50. This product works like a subscription; it can be automatically extended or canceled anytime

On each Remote Health purchase, you earn at least $180 annually because it requires a 12-month subscription.  

If you refer 50 people to Nomad Insurance in a year, you can make $2500 in bonuses. You can also earn $9000 for referring 50 users to Remote Health annually. 

Who can become a SafetyWing Ambassador?

You can become a SafetyWing ambassador as long as you are an adult with a legitimate means of promoting their products. You can register as a company or individual. If you register as a company, you must provide a business or trade number. If you register as an individual,  you must provide a personal or national identity card.

Final words 

Your opportunity to get value from the Safety Wing ambassador program is limitless. To make more money from the program, take your time to understand their products and familiarize yourself with their values and unique selling points to convert customers easily.

Set a target for yourself every month and work hard towards meeting your goal. You will not only earn from referrals, but you can also be the ambassador of the month repeatedly.

Sign up today and become a SafetyWing Ambassador!

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