7 Easy Entry Careers to Get Started with Remote Work

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In recent years, remote work has revolutionized the traditional way of working. Many companies have adopted flexible and remote work policies to attract top-notch talent from around the world, giving job seekers the freedom to choose where they work.

This has opened up a world of opportunities for those seeking a career change, more work-life balance, or simply a desire to escape the 9-5 grind. 

While working remotely may seem like a dream come true, figuring out how to get your foot in the door can be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at seven easy entry-level careers to get started with remote work.

These jobs are perfect for those who want to make the switch from traditional office work to the digital world. From social media management to virtual bookkeeping, these jobs require minimal experience and can be easily learned in a short amount of time.

We’ll be exploring the benefits and potential downsides of each job, as well as discussing different methods for finding remote work opportunities.

1. Virtual Assistant

va working from home

Get started with remote work by considering a career as a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants provide administrative support services to clients from their home offices, making it one of the easiest jobs for remote work.

As a virtual assistant, you can handle tasks like scheduling appointments, managing emails, doing research, preparing reports, and setting up meetings.

With this career for remote work, you can take on as many or as few clients as you like and set your own hours. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and some basic office skills to get started with this job for remote work.

As a virtual assistant, you can earn anywhere from $15 to $60 per hour, depending on your skills and experience. So, if you’re looking for an easy entry career to get started with remote work, consider becoming a virtual assistant.

Best Virtual Assistant Courses to Consider

  • Udemy Virtual Assistant Courses: On this platform, you can boost your skills and check out the basic tasks a VA does on daily basis, you will learn all the different communication tools that are required on the job, and most important of all, you will see how to land a VA job and where to look for one.
  • Linkedin Learning: Landing a job on Linkedin or anywhere else is much easier when you have a certification, and here on Linkedin Learning you can see how to become a VA and interact with potential clients, how to display your skills, how to set appointments and communicate with customers.

2. Customer Service Representative

customer service representatives

If you’re looking to get started with remote work, a career as a customer service representative might be right up your alley.

As one of the easiest jobs for remote work, customer service representatives can work from the comfort of their own home, taking calls and answering emails to assist customers with their questions and concerns.

This job for remote work typically only requires a high school diploma or equivalent and some basic computer skills. Customer service representatives typically receive training from their employer, but previous experience in customer service can be helpful.

So, if you’re looking for an easy entry career for remote work, a customer service representative can be a great option.

Best Customer Service Courses to Consider

  • Coursera: Customer service is a job everyone can do, but not everyone can cope with challenging customers the same, so these Coursera courses will help you handle all the cons that come with this job, so you can handle it the best way possible. You will also learn the fundamental techniques of solving problems, and all the usual tools that are used on daily basis.
  • Udemy: I would definitely choose Udemy in this case because there are many more courses on how to be a Customer service representative, and here you will learn how to use your soft skills, how to delight customers, make repeat customers and earn higher commissions, and how to stand out from the other representatives out there.
  • Linkedin Learning: On Linkedin Learning, you have a chance to glimpse into some tricky conversations with customers, and you can also get certified for some of the most used SaaS tools like ZendeskSalesforce, etc.

3. Social Media Manager

social media manager

If you’re looking to get started with remote work, becoming a social media manager might be the perfect career for you. It’s definitely one of the easy jobs for remote work, especially if you’re already an avid social media user.

As a social media manager, your main job would be to create, manage, and grow your client’s social media presence. This includes everything from developing content calendars to analyzing metrics to increase engagement.

With the growth of social media, there’s definitely a high demand for this type of job for remote work. You don’t necessarily need a degree in marketing or communication to get started, although having relevant experience or certifications can certainly help.

So dust off those social media skills and consider becoming a social media manager as your career for remote work.

Best Social Media Manager Courses to Consider

  • Udemy: Social Media managers are required constantly, so on Udemy you can learn how to manage social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and many more. You will learn how to grow your audience and target customers, how to create viral content and audio and grow a business from scratch.
  • Linkedin Learning: On Linkedin Learning there are plenty of courses available that will help you grasp all of the skills required to be successful in this field. Some of them include the foundations of social media marketing, marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube, advertising items or courses, and creating successful selling strategies.

4. Content Writer

content writing

If you’re looking to get started with remote work, becoming a content writer could be a great career path for you.

Not only is it an in-demand job for remote work, but it’s also relatively easy to get started with if you have a knack for writing. As a content writer, you’ll be responsible for creating written content for websites, blogs, and social media.

This can include anything from long-form articles to short, catchy headlines. The great thing about content writing is that you can do it from anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

So, if you’re looking for an easy job for remote work and have a passion for writing, consider becoming a content writer.

Best Content Writing Courses to Consider

  • Whether you love to make informational articles for websites, or you would love to create landing pages for customers, on Skillshare you will be able to find plenty of courses that will explain the basics of writing engaging content, techniques to create your perfect CV, how to write for the social media and more even if you have just started!
  • On Coursera, there are also plenty of courses that will help you become more professional in writing, such as this one which specifically explains how to become an SEO expert and adjust your writing, how to navigate your tone and directness in emails, and how to create contagious content even.

5. Graphic Designer

graphic designer

If you’re considering remote work, one of the great entry-level jobs you can explore is graphic design. To get started with remote work, all you need is basic software, design skills, and a strong drive to build your clientele.

There are plenty of jobs for remote work in graphic design, including designing logos and marketing materials for small to medium-sized businesses.

With the increasing importance of digital marketing for companies of all sizes, a career in graphic design offers opportunities for remote work and a chance to develop your skills while building your portfolio.

So, if you’re looking for easy jobs for remote work, consider graphic design as a creative way to make a living from anywhere.

Best Graphic Designer Courses to Consider

  • When it comes to graphic design, Udemy has plenty of different options for you. From Canva to Adobe Illustrator to Photoshop, learn how to create logos, and image templates for Social media, learn how to mix and match different colors, learn how to create entire brands, and all that is possible with a simple subscription.
  • If you want to start with graphic design, Coursera has got your back. Here you’ll learn all the basics of graphic design, and you can even create your own project that you can share later with potential employers. But not only that, these courses will help you become a thinker, embrace your creativity and so much more.

6. Web Developer

web developer

If you’re looking to get started with remote work and have a knack for coding, then becoming a web developer might be an easy career choice for you.

Web developers design and create websites and web applications so that companies can showcase their products, and services, or even create e-commerce websites to sell their products online.

With the rise of e-commerce and online businesses, web development has become a popular career choice for remote work. You can easily find web development jobs for remote work, and because the work is done entirely online, it’s an easy job for remote work.

Plus, with the abundance of online tutorials and courses, it’s also an easy career for remote work to learn and hone your skills. So, if you’re looking for a career in remote work that allows you to work from anywhere and offers flexibility, then consider becoming a web developer.

Best Web Developer Courses to Consider

  • I used to be scared of trying a new profession, but not anymore! Coursera offers plenty of courses that can make you a pro in no time if you’re willing to learn, and these courses on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are proof of that. Besides that, you will see how the World Wide Web functions, how to create websites from scratch and so much more…
  • For less than $100 you can check the Beginner Full Stack Web Development: HTML, CSS, React & Node course on Udemy which has around 40 hours of video and quizzes so you can test your learning. You also have downloadable materials and a certificate of course. So, chop-chop, let’s start learning.

7. Online Tutor

online teacher

If you’re eager to get started with remote work, becoming an online tutor might be one of the best career options for you. All you need is a good understanding of a particular subject, a reliable computer, and a stable internet connection.

Teaching online is a great way to share your knowledge and help students succeed, while also having the flexibility to work from home or anywhere else you choose. As one of the easiest jobs for remote work, becoming an online tutor allows you to create your own schedule and work as much or as little as you like.

Plus, there are plenty of online platforms that make it easy to find students and start earning money right away.

So if you’re looking for a career in remote work that doesn’t require extensive training, consider becoming an online tutor and help students achieve their learning goals from the comfort of your own home!

Best Online Tutor Courses to Consider

  • Tutoring is a challenging job, but not to worry, Udemy offers everything you need to know about becoming a tutor, how to create a lesson plan for your next class, how to be confident when teaching, and more…
  • On Linkedin Learning you can also check out the basics of online teaching, where to find resources for your lessons, the benefits of teaching online, and more.

In Conclusion

Remote work has become a more popular choice for professionals worldwide, offering the convenience of working from home while still earning a decent income. With the right skills and qualifications, there are many careers that you can pursue.

From writing and virtual assistance to data analysis and design, there are plenty of opportunities available to help you start your remote work journey.

Remember, success in remote work requires discipline, time management, and communication skills, but with hard work and persistence, you can achieve a fulfilling career that offers the flexibility you need.

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