The 7 Best Job Boards to Find Remote Employment

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What are the Best Job Boards to Find Remote Work?

Are you having no luck in finding a new job? Well, it might be time to cast the net further than your city. Nowadays, the sky’s the limit when it comes to job openings. While many of us prefer to apply for work near home, only a few look for jobs that can actually be done from home. If freelancing is more your thing, read our article Here’s Where you Find Remote Freelance Jobs.
If you’re open to exploring remote work as a full-time or a part-time job, consider looking through platforms that offer these exclusively. While it might be difficult to sort the legitimate jobs from the scams, there are several websites on the internet that have proven to be reliable sources of work.
Here are the some that have helped open doors for careers in remote working:

  1. We Work Remotely
  2. Outsourcely
  3. Workew
  4. Working Nomads
  5. Jobspresso
  6. AngelList
  7. Nodesk

We Work Remotely

Probably the most popular job board on this list, We Work Remotely charges companies $299 to post job openings. If you’re a job seeker, however, using the website is completely free. The platform hosts job openings from well-established companies, such as Google and Amazon. We Work Remotely offers jobs in programming, design, copywriting, finance and legal, customer support and contracts among other fields. To use the website, simply type in your keyword in the search box and browse through the results. If a particular job post interests you, click the Apply button and you will be redirected to the company’s website for the actual job application process.

Finding remote work nowadays is not as easy as pressing a button.

We Work Remotely is basically an online forum which connects employers to potential employees. As each job post is paid for, you can be sure that the work is legitimate and goes beyond answering surveys or watching videos. That being said, this website targets professionals with the experience and education to prove their abilities. The job posts also specify if the openings are limited to locals of a particular country or state, so you don’t waste your time chasing down openings which you don’t meet the criteria for. Overall, We Work Remotely is worth a look if you’re looking to work remotely for big companies and don’t mind having to report to the company office once in a while.

Best For: Professionals looking for remote work on a part-time or full-time basis

Unique Features: WWR Community Slack Group, Remote Work resources, and “The Remote Show” podcast

What’s Great: Easy to use interface, fresh and legitimate job openings, community support and the benefits offered by the companies once hired

What’s Not: Most openings cater to web designers and IT programmers, some job posts restrict applicants, the tough competition


Launched in 2014, Outsourcely is the result of one man’s frustration with existing job platforms for virtual assistants. In particular, the website aims to compete with Upwork, a dominant name in web-based search engines for freelancers.

Outsourcely is similar to Upwork in numerous ways, except for 2 key differences. It focuses on long-term engagements and more importantly, it doesn’t charge remote workers for their earnings on the website. The zero-fee policy is appealing to workers across various industries, as it means that you get to keep everything you’ve worked for.

To start on Outsourcely, you would have to create a profile and decide if you want apply for advance membership. For just $10 a month, an advanced member gets to have top search results and applications placement besides other perks. This is quite affordable for most remote workers, which may mean that you’ll still have tough competition even with an advanced membership.

Before you can apply for jobs, you would need to undergo a verification process of your employment history. This might deter some applicants as the website would contact your previous employers to confirm your work experience. Once you’re past this stage, however, you’ll have direct access to employers through their job posts. The website allows direct contact between you and your potential employer outside the platform so you get to negotiate your working schedule and rates.

Though its offered jobs might be limited compared to the bigger job search engines, Outsourcely is great because it offers stable work with zero fees. As a remote worker, you can find regular full-time or part-time employment here without worrying about hidden fees. It’s worth a try if you’re having difficulty with Upwork and would like to try something new.

Best For: Remote Workers with Credible Work Experience and Educational Attainment in their Chosen Fields

Unique Features: $10 monthly fee for advance members, Direct Contact between Employer and Employees, video and voice attachments

What’s Great: affordable advanced membership fees, ZERO fees on earnings, job posts for multiple industries

What’s Not: expired job posts, limited openings, limited protection from scams and poor payment terms, former employment verification procedure


A relatively new platform, Workew was founded in 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. It is a website where job posts are curated to help people launch their careers in remote work. The posts are uploaded on a daily basis. It offers opportunities in design, marketing, operations, sales, support, and writing among other fields. The best thing about this website is that it’s free for employees looking for work.

In terms of interface, Workew is very similar to Outsourcely. Each job post lists down general information about the job position, job requirements and the hiring company. A link to the company’s website is provided to allow you to submit a direct application.


Compared to other job boards, Workew offers fewer job posts. What it lacks in quantity, however, the website makes up in terms of quality. Many of the companies posting on the platform are easily recognizable companies with solid reputations, such as InVision and Wikimedia. As the companies pay the website to post their job openings, you know that you’re looking at legitimate jobs.

If you’re interested to seek work through the website, you can choose to create an account and upload your resume on the platform. The resume template is relatively easy to go through and flexible enough to accommodate any existing resumes, blogs, and sample works that you want to showcase. You can choose to post for free or pay a one-time, premium price of $9. As a premium member, your access to the website will be ad-free and your profile will be featured in the candidates pool. Your resume will always be placed on the top in a skills search and as the platform claims, “you’ll have 5 times more chances of finding a remote job within the next 2 months”.

As the platform is new, you will find relatively little competition here. The job posts are quite limited, though growing quickly in number and distributed across different industries. The posts also indicate if the company is limiting its search to a particular country or region, although many are open to applicants from anywhere in the world. All in all, this website is worth a try if you’re looking for a long-term career in remote working. Many of the job opportunities here offer long-term positions and company benefits, which are definitely enticing to any remote worker.

Best For: Professionals with years of job experience, People looking for full-time or freelance job opportunities

Unique Features: cryptocurrency jobs via sister website Blockew

What’s Great: Zero fees for applying for a job or posting a resume, fewer competition compared to similar platforms, one-time $9 fee for premium access

What’s Not: limited number of job posts

Working Nomads

Created by an employee disgruntled with the 9-5 routine, Working Nomads has been in operations since 2014. It is a curated platform that offers remote work job openings from legitimate companies. The industries that it caters to are varied, such as development, consulting, finance, education, health care, and legal work.

The homepage of the website lists the job posts available per category. On the search list, you can already see the skills and the time commitment required by each job, making it easier for you to filter the openings you are eligible for. Each job post provides information about the company, skill and educational requirements, and instructions on how to apply.

There are also dedicated subpages for specific job skills. If you use a particular program or website, you can subscribe to a curated list that requires your skillset. You can also create job alerts to be updated on the latest job openings offered on the website on a weekly or daily basis.

As a job seeker, it is free to use the website to search for jobs. Companies pay $149 per job post, so you can be sure that the offerings are from sources willing to pay to find the best recruits. The jobs offered can either be on a contractual, full-time, or part-time basis. While the website offers limited options in the legal and education field, IT professionals may find the platform useful as it can have thousands of job opportunities in web development and system administration. Marketing and management professionals also have a lot of choices here.

All in all, Working Nomads is best for people who are seeking long-term careers in remote work. The website mostly caters to digital nomads specializing in online marketing, media and web design. While it is not meant for everyone, the platform is definitely worth a look if you belong to any of these fields. Occasionally, it also offers gems in less popular industries. Try subscribing to its mailing list and see if you might strike gold here.

Best For: Established professionals in the IT, marketing, and online media sectors

Unique Features: Dedicated subpages for different job skills

What’s Great: Zero fees for job applicants, easy-to-use interface

What’s Not: Limited job opportunities in some industries, Latest job posts can be a few days old


Catering exclusively to remote jobs, Jobspresso is an online platform that aims to connect people with “innovative, forward-thinking companies,” as mentioned in their website. It offers hand-picked, curated job posts on a daily basis. Beyond its platform, the website also posts openings on its twitter account.

Like some of the websites featured on this list, the great thing about Jobspresso is that it is absolutely free to use for the job seeker. For employers, it charges a minimum of $249 for 1 job post to be displayed in the website for 90 days. It’s not the cheapest website to use, so you can be assured that only serious companies invest here.


When it comes to the competition, the website states that 65% come from US, 5% from Canada, 5% from the UK, and the remaining 25% from other countries. Jobspresso caters to mostly IT, developer and customer service applicants, though there also opportunities for writers, project managers and other professionals.

Some of the openings found here can also be found in similar platforms. You can be sure, however, that all the posts offered by the website are legitimate. If you get tired of combing through the openings, you can get weekly job updates through email, Twitter or Facebook. As an alternative, you can post your resume on their database. Be aware, however, that you’ll be one of 5,000+ candidates featured on their website.

Overall, Jobspresso is a legitimate, scam-free website that offers opportunities for those interested in establishing careers in remote work. It might take several months for you to get a job here with the large competition, but with its serious employers, the long wait might just be worth it.

Best For: IT professionals, software developers, and marketing managers

Unique Features: exclusive Facebook updates

What’s Great: Zero fees for job applicants, numerous job posts for IT professionals

What’s Not: large-scale competition, limited job opportunities for those that work outside the IT and marketing industry


With a tagline “Where the world meets startups,” you know that AngelList caters to mostly new companies. Established in 2010, the website offers various services related to start-up tech firms. It is a popular website for helping new companies raise seed funding. Beyond fundraising, however, the platform also helps start-ups find talent. If you’re a job seeker open to the idea of working for a new company, you should try AngelList.

As a job seeker, it’s free to sign up for an account on the website. The platform requires you to answer several standard questions on their application procedure, such as your current location, latest employment, and target salary. Once you get through the process, the platform suggests companies that are within your vicinity and your industry.

It also introduces you to some featured start-up companies, with the annual salary and perks of the job revealed in the job post. You can still sort through available openings and browse jobs by role, by location, and by market. The website is quite user-friendly and informative.

You apply to companies from within the website. Once you click the apply button, you’ll have a chance to write a note to the hiring manager of the company. Based on reviews across the internet, many people have found long-term, legitimate employers through the website. Unlike the other platforms on this list however, the job posts aren’t hand-picked or curated.

While it does connect you to actual companies that are on the platform, it doesn’t protect you from companies going back on their promises to you. In short, you’ll be taking some risks applying here as the platform doesn’t ensure your safety from horrible bosses and stingy companies.

Nevertheless, this website is worth a look if you’re willing to take the plunge and work for start-ups. Many companies accept those with little or no experience, such as young professionals and fresh graduates. All in all, just exercise precaution and good judgment in sorting out the opportunities, and you just might find a company that you can grow with here.

Best For: Remote workers willing to work with start-ups, fresh graduates, those with little or no experience in their chosen fields

Unique Features: Exclusively start-up clientele, network connections

What’s Great: discrete application, displayed salaries, displayed equities, indicated competition count and search by recent company activity in the website

What’s Not: inadequate employee protection, limited opportunities in some traditional fields


Created by a self-taught developer for fun, NoDesk was originally designed to function as a curated depot of useful resources for digital nomads. The platform, however, has developed a huge fan base and now features several sections. Its remote jobs board, in particular, offers various remote work opportunities, even in non-tech fields.


You do not actually need to register on the website to access the available job openings. You just need to go to the Remote Jobs section and search for a job title, keyword or company. Alternatively, you can specify which part of the world you want to work for – Asia, Europe, Canada or the US.

The website displays all its available job posts with the featured jobs first and the most recent ones following right after. A detailed company profile, job description, and application requirements are enumerated in each posting. Once you click the “Apply Now” button, you are redirected to the employer’s website for the formal application process.

NoDesk doesn’t charge job seekers fees to access job openings through its website. It does request you to tell your potential employer how you found the job posting on their website.

All in all, NoDesk feels like a friend in the overwhelming hunt for an online job. It gives you tips and resources to help you successfully pursue a digital nomad lifestyle. Though its job openings are limited compared to websites that primarily serve as job boards, you can rest assured that you get hand-picked selections on NoDesk.

Best For: Digital Nomads, tech and non-tech professionals

Unique Features: Related resources on remote working, registration-free access to job board

What’s Great: simple and user-friendly interface, curated job posts, offerings for non-tech job seekers

What’s Not: limited job postings, limited opportunities in Asia

Overall, if you’re looking for a small gig or remote job online, there are many websites to choose from on the internet and you can read more about them in our article on remote freelance portals. If you want a remote job that is more enduring and established, however, you need to search via the websites that have been tried and tested.

Only a few job boards can promise legitimate opportunities to remote work seekers. Even if you might encounter difficulty in applying through these platforms, it’s best to diligently comb through the job posts to find the perfect fit for you. Though it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months for you to score a job, the rewards are worth it in the long run.

Now you know where to look, and if need help on what to do next, continue reading with our article on How to find the perfect remote job (and ace the interview).

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