Best Certification Courses to Get Remote Data Science Jobs in 2023

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The present world has advanced exponentially technologically speaking. As a result, there is a never-ending demand for tech-savvy individuals to be put to work to bring innovations to life.

The variety of job specifications is so vast that numerous courses are tailored for each. Excel, web development, JavaScript, data science, AWS certification, all these, to name a few, are on-demand skill courses.

Narrowing it specifically to data science, this article will provide the best certification courses you’ll require to get remote data science Job offers in 2023. 

What is Data Science?

what is data science

As the world advances technology-wise and more companies and organizations become digitized, they continuously accumulate data over a long period. These data are primarily in the form of what appear to be incomprehensible numbers to the untrained eye.

This is where a data scientist comes in to make sense of it all. A data scientist utilizes a wide array of advanced analytical methods to examine vast data compilations and extract valuable information for use in business strategies and processes. 

A data scientist contributes significantly to crucial aspects of an organization’s progress.

It’s safe to say data science gives insight into effective decision-making, cost impact, operational efficiency, business opportunities and innovations, marketing, and sales. Ultimately, all these features become critical in gaining an edge over competitive rival companies and in progress. 

Now that you’ve understood just how vital data science is, the following are the platforms with the best courses and certifications to land a remote data science job. 


udemy - an online course provider

Udemy is an online course provider available to all sorts of users. The aim is to provide a series of coursework organized as modules and lessons with the inclusion of videos, notes, and assessments or tests.

These courses are of varieties covering most if not all skills you can hope to learn. Regarding data science on udemy, the course is rated as one of the bestsellers and is called the “complete data science Bootcamp.” 

Data science has over 360 thousand enrollments and ratings of 4.5. The course is made easy for beginners to understand.

The main features you should expect are, over seven hours of learning time, Ninety articles available to read, five hundred downloadable resources, access via mobile and TV, about twenty-nine hours of on-demand video, full lifetime access, and a certificate of completion. 


coursera - platform for learning online courses

Coursera is another available online course website to access courses on data science. The course includes lecture videos, readings, presentations, quizzes, discussions with other learners, and assignments.

Regarding the data science course, Coursera kicks off with a one-week class to teach students all the essential things to know without all the fuss. The aim is to get the students up to speed swiftly.

In terms of validity and usefulness in job applications and school applications, reviews have claimed that Coursera certificates are in fact valuable and valid in both cases. 

Upon completion of the course, there are certain things you’re expected to know.  

  1. The description of data science’s role(s) pertains to different contexts.
  2. The roles of statistics, software engineering, and machine learning in data science.
  3. The description of the structure of a data science project
  4. The key terminologies, tools, and methods utilized by a data scientist.
  5. Identification of a successful and unsuccessful project.

 There are three specializations in the data science course on Coursera: IBM professional data science certificate, Python for everybody, and machine learning.



Next is the Udacity data science nano degree program. When it comes to learning high-end courses and certifications, Udacity is the way to go about it. The awarded certificate makes your resume all the more alluring to any employer.

Udacity is home to an extensive collection of tech courses. It has collaborations with big names such as Google, Starbucks, and Mercedes. While this statement isn’t entirely for bragging rights, it emphasizes how popular the platform is global. 

A nano degree program collects courses and projects in a specific discipline. In this case, data science. To participate, learners must meet some prerequisites, including skills or knowledge of certain things. These include machine learning, Python, SQL, statistics, math, visualization, and data wrangling.

While certificates from Udacity might not be accredited in tertiary institutions, reviews state that employers are familiar with them and might accept them. 

By taking Udacity data science programs, you will be able to.

  •  Use principles of statistics and probability to design and execute A/B tests and recommendation engines to assist businesses in making data-automated decisions. 
  • Deployment of data science solutions to a basic flask app
  • Manipulation and analysis of distributed data sets using Apache spark. 
  • Communication of results effectively to stakeholders. 

The detailed explanation of the courses involved is as follows. 

Course 1. Solving data science problems

 This course involves three things

  1. Data science process
  2. How to build compelling data visualization and 
  3. How to communicate with various stakeholders. 

The associated project of the course is to write a data science blog post. The project entails writing a python script using a set of data of choice from the internet and posting it via a blog on a platform, for example,

The project aims to practice and learn how to manipulate and clean data and build a simple statistical model showing information of future importance. 

Another aim could be to build a clustering algorithm instead of using a structured format with the use of a crisp dm format. The written blog should also communicate the project clearly and comprehensively as it will be reviewed.

Course 2. Software engineering for data

This course requires learners to develop engineering skills essential to data scientists.

Examples of said skills include creating unit tests and building classes. As a learner, if you seek jobs in an IT department, this skill and knowledge will come in handy. For this course, there are no associated projects. 

Course 3. Data engineering for a data scientist

In this course, learners will work with data throughout the data science process. This stage involves running the pipeline, building models, transforming data, and deploying solutions to the cloud.

The associated project is to create a disaster response pipeline figure 8. Figure 8 is a machine learning company. 

You’ll be required to build a data pipeline using command line arguments and create a database using Python’s SQL lite. Afterward, you’ll be required to make a GitHub repository which will be later reviewed.

Course  4. Experiment design and recommendation

This course requires that you learn to design and analyze A/B test results. Learners will also explore methods for building recommendation systems, such as collaborative and content-based filtering. The associated project is to develop a recommendation engine. 

Course  5. Data science project

This final course requires that you use all you’ve learned in the course of study to build an open-ended data science project. This aims to test your new skill set and overall understanding and add to your portfolio and resumè to show future employers. 

Udacity data science nano degree is highly recommended because it’s beyond just taking an online course, some of the other perks that distinguish it certificate holders include; 

  • Participating in a real-life project in partnership with top-tier companies. You also get honest feedback on your project from industry experts.
  • Standby technical support and mentorship from data science experts to guide and motivate you throughout your learning journey. There is also access to a supportive student community.
  • Upon successful completion of your nano degree, you have access to a free GitHub portfolio review and optimization of your linked-in profile to make it attractive to prospective clients.
  • The learning program only takes a maximum of 4 months and you can go through it at your own pace.

Upon completion of the course, a certificate is awarded your name and nano degree title.

This certification will also appear on your dashboard, made available for observation, printout, and sharing digitally. An awarded certificate from Udacity holds a lot of value and is an excellent asset in job searching.

With Udacity’s data science nano degree, all you need to secure a remote data science job is embodied in one nano degree and not scattered across several certifications despite being an online course.

LinkedIn Learning

linkedin-learning - an online platform for learning courses

Taking data science courses on LinkedIn Learning is a good idea as the platform offers various courses that can get you started in the data science industry. Unlike the Udacity nano degree, the platform offers different data science certification courses with certifications for both beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

You have to get several certifications from this platform before you can establish yourself in the data science industry, but that also means you can build your own learning path. 

LinkedIn learning data science certifications, just like their other courses, are introductory and not as detailed as, for example, Udacity and Coursera.

They have certifications within several data science fields such as data analysis, data visualization, and big data. You will also get certified in the use of various tools such as python, excel, Hadoop and R. 

Although access to some of the courses is paid, you can utilize a one-month free LinkedIn learning subscription offered by Linkedin to get several certificates within a month.

By doing so, you can reduce the cost of learning and many people still enjoy the benefits the platform offers. The courses offered in data science include but are not limited to ;


fiverr - a platform for online courses and getting a freelance job

Fiverr is another way to learn data science. Although purchasing a system in data science on Fiverr doesn’t come with a certification, you get awarded a badge for showcasing your expertise upon completion.

This badge is visible on your profile page and is an asset and valuable addition to getting jobs. As such you can only use your data science badge to secure a freelancing data science job on Fiverr. 

This is not to discourage you, starting small on Fiverr can help you gradually build your portfolio. Since millions of people have access to Fiverr, getting a job as a remote freelance data scientist will become more accessible and realistic after completing a course on Fiverr.

Upon completion of the course, you can be sure to understand what data science is about as well as its world applications. Here are some other things you should expect to gain. 

  1. Identification of the stages in the lifecycle of data science and their goals. 
  2. An understanding of data designs and the effect of sampling
  3. The difference between Python and R
  4. The use of Jupyter on a PC
  5. Confident interaction with and reading tabular data
  6. Knowledge of exploratory data analysis and data cleaning in data science 
  7. Knowledge of data visualization in data science 
  8. Knowledge of the K-nearest neighbor algorithm and use in data classification.

Data courses you can hope to find on the Fiverr platform include;

  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • Data Storytelling
  • Social media content strategy and 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization


Getting a remote data science job in 2023 shouldn’t be so difficult as long as you know what your job entails and have the certificate or badge to prove it.

A lot of people are getting hired to work remotely. As a data scientist, as long as you have your data sets and tools with you, working remotely comes easy. These open-platform courses have granted access to learning and honing your data scientist skills.

Some of the access on these platforms are reserved for paying users. While education is a human right, knowledge sometimes comes at a cost. Fortunately, it’s not too expensive with these courses. So start a course today in data science on any of these platforms and begin your journey to land your dream remote job. 

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